So awesome! Would friends do this for your Mom if they had the chance?

You guessed it - After The Burial is this week's feature for Minnesota Brutal, where we feature local Minnesota bands that rock. These guys rule for quite a few reasons: heavy ass breakdowns, amazing poly-rhythms, and this sweet way they're helping out one of their bros.

We all know medical insurance can be a bitch to pay, so I thought it was awesome for them to take the time to recognize this.

After The Burial is headed to Europe, but before that, we saw them rip up Warped Tour earlier this summer. Their set was insane! Crowd-surfing was a constant, as was a huge mosh pit that just didn't seem to end.

Johnny Perilla, Loudwire
Johnny Perilla, Loudwire

If you don't know these guys yet (and, seriously, WHY DON'T YOU!?) you'll fall in love with Anthony Notarmaso's growls.

After The Burial is, Dan Carle - Drums, Anthony Notarmaso - Vocals, Adrian Oropeza - Bass, and Trent Hafdahl - Guitar. Can't forget Justin Lowe - Guitar (RIP) either. They just released some amazing stuff earlier this year too! If I were you, I'd start with one of their latest singles, "Collapse" and proceed to dig into the rest of Dig Down.

Join me next Friday for some more Minnesota band salutes! In the meantime, take a look at some interviews we've done with other Minnesota rockers below.


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