A lot of you know them already, but if you don't here are three reasons that you definitely should get to know them.

My awareness of The Modern Era came from Kim David at KROC-AM. He's been telling me for months that I'd absolutely love their style, and he was right! If you haven't heard them yet, expect to immediately hear some Nirvana, Green Day and The Vines influence.


While these guys definitely have roots based in Rochester, they make their home in Minneapolis. Lately, they've been busy touring the country. The Modern Era is: Jack Swagger (whom their Facebook page dubs as a "a charming twenty-something little brat that even Steven Tyler would say has too much energy." Fact.) - Vocals/Guitar, Ben Pelowski - Vocals/Guitar, Nick Pelowski - Vocals/Bass and Bob Joslyn - Percussion.

Be sure to follow these guys, because more music is on the way. They visit Rochester pretty frequently too.

  • 1

    That Go-Pro Tho

    Anyone else remember the sweet use of Go Pro? They are known for awesome videos like this one.

  • 2

    They're not afraid to get wet.

    ...point proven.

  • 3

    All of the smoke machines

    When they are in Rochester, you can expect some mayhem just like this. Yep, they're similar to our friends The 9th Planet Out, and we love them for it!

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