I mean, don't they keep everyone sane? They are fun.

If you don't know one of Rochester's newest garage bands, you're in for a treat. We're talking about Under The Pavilion. They just released their first EP, and they keep this band within the family. You see, members Pat and Taylor Obert are married. How cool is that!?

Taylor Parker
Taylor Parker

If you like: The Strokes, Daft Punk, Tom Petty, Julian Casablancas, or The Cars, this band is definitely for you. Like I said, garage rock is their specialty. Those influences prove it. Don't believe me? Listen to this...

I love it. These guys could've easily been part of the Juno soundtrack.

Now onto the hula-hoop discussion - here's where that comes from. Member Devan Glander told 507 Magazine that after a show they, "[...] play ‘Rules of the Hoop’ … with a Fisher-Price hoop. We use a mini basketball, and we even put on jerseys!" THAT'S AWESOME.

Under The Pavilion is: Pat - Vocalist and Rhythm Guitar, Devan - Lead Guitar, Taylor - Bass Guitar, and Mike - Drums. Be sure to check out their next show this Saturday.


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