My conversation with Cold Kingdom started in the most Minnesota way ever..."a tater-tot hot dish, don'tcha know?"

This week, we're featuring Cold Kingdom from Minneapolis in Minnesota Brutal!

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

If you're looking for a heavy hard rock sound, you found it with them. Cold Kingdom is Dani Engum - Vocals, Evan Ogaard - Guitar, Jason Michael - Bass, Zac Boyd - Guitar/Vocals and Chris Morley - Drums/Percussion!

As you guessed, my conversation with Dani and Zac revolved heavily around food. That wasn't all we talked about though! They've got some new music on the way too, and the best way to stay ahead of that is social media.

Shout out to Dani and Zac! They were nice enough to spend some time with us, and they've definitely got some Taco Bell coming to them if they're ever in Rochester!

Be sure to check out their latest release The Moon and the Fool, you won't regret it!



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