These guys are the soundtrack that you need for any intense Halloween party you're throwing this month.

Ladies and gents, it's time for this week's edition of Minnesota Brutal where every Friday we feature a Minnesota band that you may or may not know about  - which we think you should know.

This week, let's discuss Marah in the Mainsail. Formed in 2012, you'll hear a variety of influence in their music. They are in their own category... literally... they describe their sound as "cinematic art folk" and they definitely bring some artistic cred to the scene!

As evidence, may I present "Bone Crown" from their latest album?

Yeah... that video is basically a circus gone wrong but in a very good way.

Marah in the Mainsail is; on vocals/guitar - Austin Durry, vocals/organ - Mariah Mercades, alternative percussion - Austin Wilder, trombone - John Baumgartner, drums - Dane Hoppe and on bass - Austin Tang.

Tonight, they are playing at a bar I love in my hometown of Pittsburgh - The Smiling Moose. Have a great show guys! There are plenty of freaks there waiting for you!

They'll be back in Minnesota on November 10th.

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