You're probably wondering, why is 'train' posting photo's of Neil Young at the Rock of Rochester? Well, let me tell's because he's inspired hundreds, if not thousands of musicians and song writers, many of which you still listen to today here at The Rock of Rochester!

First, Neil Young will be doing a very rare 'solo' concert tour at the end of January 2019. Milwaukee and Madison are part of it, but so is Minneapolis, with not only one solo-acoustic theater show, but three! The Pantages, The Orpheum, and the State Theater all have stakes in what should go down as one of the most coveted concert tickets of the early 2019 concert season. Your best shot of buying a ticket to one (or all) of the three Minneapolis performances will be going through the Neil Young Archives. A pre-sale is in progress HERE. (you must join to gain access)

Secondly, many artists don't even realize that they've been influenced by Neil Young, but they really have. His music is Americana at it's best, and part of the American lexicon. (and he's Canadian) A national treasure....a beacon! Oh yeah, he rocks pretty hard, too! Ask Cobain on what kind of pedestal he placed a Neil Young on? Oh that's right, he's no longer in this realm.

Go up into the Pacific Northwest and ask around for a Neil Young story, because I know you'll find one there. Most likely it was an Alice in Chains or Soundgarden fan in line at the door of your favorite concert club. (those are the best lines......)

One of the most memorable concerts experiences I have from the 90's is one which would include the headliner Neil Young and Crazy Horse, with this new, very obscure act from the Seattle music scene. (I didn't even know they had a scene at that point in time)Their name was Soundgarden. Who? Yeah, it's Soundgarden. I don't think the local rock radio leader in Milwaukee at that time even knew who they were. Nobody did!
It wouldn't be long before they were a household name. (they were in mine, eventually) Anyway, this is how Neil Young was crowned the 'Grandfather of Grunge' in the press. Yeah, I'm certain it was the press that dubbed him that, only because Neil openly embraced and supported the movement, and scene.

Lastly, got a personal story or a concert experience from this same era? Whether it was the 90's grunge-era, Soundgarden, Neil Young, or this past year at a festival or intimate theater, tell me about it using the Z-Rock Facebook page, and the hashtag #TrainWreckConcertBuzz

I'd really like to hear your stories, and I'd like to tell you a few of mine, too! We can do that right here at the ROCK of Rochester! (mostly on the weekend)

'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends #TrainWreckConcertBuzz

photo: Train Wreck ~ Z-Rock Weekends
photo: Train Wreck ~ Z-Rock Weekends

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