Bush are 'road dogs' ; No other way to describe them. This summer they are also an integral part of the Revolution 3 Tour, still out on the road with Stone Temple Pilots, and the Cult.

On this magical night at Red Rocks Amphitheater, Bush brought their best. It was also the best Bush performance I've seen thus far. As I've stated before, Red Rocks brings out something special in whoever performs here. All new respect for front man Gavin Rossdale as he bolted from the stage to the very top row of the almost 10k seat amphitheater to shake a fan's hand who had gained Gavin's attention from the very first song. (I'm thinking they've had previous contact) A cameraman & a Jr security dude looked pretty 'bushed' in the thin air, following Rossdale to the top of the venue. A LIVE camera shot confirmed that. According to folks who were NOT in the restroom (like me), it was the high point to their set. Yes, I missed the highlight to the show, but that won't stop me from telling you about it here Z-Rockers! Build a #bucketlist and put this place on the top of it! Based on the Set List below, did Bush hit the mark for only having about an hour to deliver?

MY BIG QUESTION: When & where have you seen Bush perform? Tell us about the show on the Z-Rock Facebook page!

-Train Wreck ~ Z-Rock Weekends
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This Is War
Everything Zen
The People That We Love
The Sound of Winter
Come Together (cover)
Little Things


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