Have you ever been to a concert and been blown away by an opening act who you knew nothing about going in to the concert, but by the time their show ended you walked away a new fan? It happened to me, so I’m betting it has happened to you, too!

It was the Rev 3 Tour at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO. The line-up was a good one; Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, and the Cult. However, this would be the first night of a band from the UK being added as the Rev#3 Opener. Their band name is ‘Bones’, and they do hey hail from England. I’d categorize their music & vibe as a power-punk trio, wanting to make waves, not ripples in the modern rock melting pool. (see photos below)

Investigate more for yourself. I have included links to their social media sites, You Tube Page, and their ‘dot.com’ below. They do have an up-coming show in downtown Minneapolis on November 21st 2018 at Studio B @ Skyway Theatre. They are part of a three band, all ages bill. Doors are 7pm. You can purchase tickets HERE.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What band, or bands unknown to YOU blew you away the first time you heard them, or saw them LIVE in a show-opening roll? Please share that with us on the Z-Rock Facebook Page!

                                                       BONES UK LINKS:

                                             - BONES BAND UK PHOTOS -


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