One thing that I've noticed since I've been part of Z-Rock & The Rock of Rochester, is that the Z-Rock faithful are really of a concert-going ilk, and true to the passion of LIVE music!

Normally at this time on a Sunday in late September you'd be glued to the Vikings game on the tube. Well, you've got some free time today, so how about digging into your concert photos for 2018?

We have it pretty nice here in Rochester, and the upper Midwest with a lot of different options, and many nice venues, and cities that are fairly close by to travel to for a concert, or a festival. For me, that's all I do in my spare time. (I know......I have no life)

I'd like to see a barrage of photo's from your summer concerts. Just head over to the Z-Rock Facebook Page and show us. Don't hesitate to show us more than once.The more you show us, the better!

Seems summer has now been shown the door as we have on our hands, a nice autumn weekend weather-wise. Let call this.......Summer's Last Stand. Again, show us those photo's from your summer concerts at the Z-Rock Facebook Page!

Photo Highlights to Train Wreck's Summer Concerts 2018

Photo: 'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends ~ Bones UK - Red Rocks #Rev3Tour