Welcome back to another week of Minnesota Brutal! Never read one of these blogs before? The concept is simple, each Friday, I feature Minnesota bands that rock.

This week: meet Light45. These guys are straight out of Rochester itself, and if you're looking for a serious soulful blues fix, you found it in them. They are pretty fresh too. Decibels (their first EP) was only released in April last year.

Beard lovers unite! You're in for a ride!


You've probably already seen them on KTTC or KAAL a few times. In case you forgot, they are the guys behind "Steeped", which rocks! That tune alone went to #5 on the Billboard Christian Rock Chart. Take a listen to Decibels here.

Do they sound familiar? My favorite part about them isn't just the soulful bluesy-Switchfoot vibe, it's also Justin's vocals. They remind me a lot of Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump.

Have you seen the video for "The Maze"?

Pretty solid, right? They built that set in one day! They explain that they, "took it to the Alford Desert in Oregon, and flew a videographer with a Sony Red camera from Kentucky." By the way, "The Maze" itself went to #23 on the Billboard Christian Rock Chart too. 

I can guarantee you're going to hear more from these guys. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, take a look a their bio. You just might become a "light chaser" yourself!

I'm always looking for local Minnesota bands to feature for Minnesota Brutal every week. Let's keep this thing going! Send me a Facebook message if you'd like your band to be featured in the future!

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