If you don't know them, you honestly only have yourself to blame.

It's been a while since I've done a fun report on the current state of music (specifically rock music) in Rochester, so I figured it was time for a refresher on what's up! If anyone new to the area is reading this (or new to the local music scene anyway), you're going to want to know who to follow.

I've got your guide right here! These, ladies and gents, are five Rochester bands every rock and metal fan needs to know about if they don't already.


1. AfterTime

David Rubene

Looking for a symphonic metal? Here's your local source! AfterTime truly brings a European feel to America with their sound. Think Nightwish, Epica, and Delain. They're clearly inspired by those bands.


2. The 9th Planet Out

TSM Rochester

The musicians that make up The 9th Planet Out not only support their own efforts, they regularly help out other bands in the area too. The love playing music for the fun of it. They're going places!

If you like Metallica and Iron Maiden, you'll probably like them.



3. Light45

TSM Rochester

Christian rock sounds amazing in Rochester thanks to Light45! Consider them a more psychedelic Switchfoot. I recommend beginning their catalog with "Steeped" - take a listen below!


4. Embrace The Ending

ETE via Facebook

Looking for a local dose of an All That Remains/Killswitch Engage/As I Lay Dying mix? You found it in Embrace The Ending. Technically, they're from Mazeppa, but they play Rochester regularly and we consider them one of our own.


5. Second Story

Psychedelic Saint

Much like T9PO, the members of Second Story are very active in the Rochester music scene as a whole - not just the rock world. You'll love their Weezer-like/Nirvana mix. Trust me!

Anyone who spends even a second of their time checking out these bands is doing themselves a favor. I'm truly honored to live in a city with a sound for everyone!

Got another local band I need to know about? Let's get them recognized! Click here.

We'll keep you updated as these bands crank out more awesome stuff. Stay tuned!

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