Let's be honest? Did any of rock and metal fans even watch the 2018 Grammys last night? I sure as hell didn't, and I have my reasons.

I completely agree with Avenged Sevenfold's decision not to attend the show. They're right! If the rock and metal portion of the awards aren't televised, why bother watching? Why bother supporting the Grammy's at all? In my opinion, they haven't convinced me that they truly want to support all forms of music in a positive light.

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I've chosen to pay no more attention to this tom-foolery and decided to take the lemons given and make lemonade. I want to imagine a world where the rockers (who I know bust their ass daily!) get the credit that they deserve too!

Allow me to introduce you to my 2018 rock and metal Grammy picks. In my world, the awards would've gone to the following people.

  • Best Rock Song: "Come Together" - Gary Clark Jr. We're just going to pretend like he didn't happen this year?
  • Best Rock Performance: "Highway Tune" - Greta Van Fleet. No one gave us more hope for the future than these guys!
  • Best Metal Performance: “Bleeding in the Blur” - Code Orange. For me, these are hometown boys, but I think this track is the best one from Forever.
  • Best Metal Album: "Emperor Of Sand" - Mastodon. That's right, I made my own category! Back in April, it was the highest selling album across any genre! It's arguably their most personal album ever. It's clear they put time into it, and that deserves recognition.
  • Best Rock Album: "Vessels" - Starset. I love their originality and creativity! We have to honor them, and their live show too.

Do you agree with my picks?

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