It's not everyday that Rochester goes national, but Light45 did in an episode of Garage Rehab!

In case you missed it, a few months ago, we heard the amazing news that some rock favorites in the area were getting national airplay via an episode of Garage Rehab. In the months since, their song "Steeped" has raced up the charts.

Light45 are local Christian rockers who totally deserve some recognition (honestly - they've been a presence in the area for years!), so I'm featuring them for ZROCKChester this month.

How did that Garage Rehab amazingness come together? I asked that, and many other other questions, at their latest show at God's Graj in NW Rochester. Take a look!

If that wasn't enough, Justin, Mark and Critter played a show alongside rockers Disciple. My favorite song of Light45's set, was "Your Love Breaks Every Boundary" because you can clearly see that they're into it!

My theory: that song is going to be their next hit.

Light45 - you rock! We're proud to have you represent southeast Minnesota! If you guys have a band in the area that deserves some recognition too - let us know.

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