Two things: these guys certainly deserve the honor, and you'll love them too.

Do you know Shattered Sun? I've had the pleasure of seeing these guys on tour twice. Most recently, as they opened up for Soilwork back in 2015. I caught them in Joliet, IL and have kept up with these Texas metalheads (who are no strangers to beer drinking in any weather!) since.

My favorite part about them isn't just their sound, it's how interactive they are.

They regularly make their fans, and their audience, part of their music videos or Facebook videos.

Now, they've been tasked with something HUGE. They need our help getting them to open for Metallica in their home state. You remember when this contest started, right? Shattered Sun reached a new level of awesome by becoming one of the finalists for the San Antonio show!

I'm sure, for them, it's an honor just to have made it to the finals at all - but they need the extra push! Let's do this! We have until April 25th. I've already voted.



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