Who says there's no music scene in Rochester?

For months, I've heard about the struggles many musicians in the area face - whether it's finding an audience or venue. However, I saw something on Labor Day Weekend that was worth celebrating. Several Rochester musicians banded together made their own venue and raised almost $5,000 for Mission 21.

They put on a little event called Foster Fest, which was held on Saturday at Foster Arend Park. It was the brainchild of local musicians Oliver Books, and Cole and Clay Ebertowski. Trust me, this "little event" isn't going to stay so little if it returns next year.

If you couldn't make it, you missed a family (and dog) friendly way to watch some of Rochester's finest musicians. A bounce house and park were included!

Here are just a few bands who took the stage. You can find the whole lineup here.

Oliver, Cole, and Clay were shocked that they raised so much money for Mission 21. They did tell me previously that if they felt Foster Fest was a success, it could very well return.

Fingers crossed! Here's hoping it does!



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