It was sure as hell better than anything you would've seen at the Grammys! Mainly because they refuse to acknowledge the rock and metal genres, but I digress...

If you're still steaming over how rock and metal are treated at the Grammys every year, let's look at this piece of awesome instead. A group of Minnesota bands and fans decided to hold their own award show (for the second year in a row) this weekend, simply to honor each other.

Henry Olson via Facebook
Henry Olson via Facebook

They're called "The Mettys", and they're held in Minneapolis in January. Local promoters, podcasters, fans, and band members all vote on (and judge) who of their own did some really great work over the past year.

Here are the 2018 winners.

Breakout Artist: Mirror Of Being
Bassist of the year: Roman Pinter
Drummer of the year: Tony Lendt
Guitarist of the year: Alde De la Rosa
Vocalist of the year: Mike Bloodfist
Show of the year: Top Secret Metalfest 3
Music Video of the Year: Buried Above Ground
Metal Venue of the year: Triple Rock Social Club
Best Live Video: Buried Above Ground
Best album production: In Search Of Solace
Best album artwork: Cymothoa
EP Of the year: Mithya
Fans Choice: Auridius
Album of the year: Sunless
Song of the year: We Are Legion
Best live band: Buried Above Ground
Death Metal band of the year: Glutton for Punishment
Black Metal band of the year: Amiensus
Metal Band of the year: Buried Above Ground
Dig Deep Award: Chad Hanks/ American Head Charge.

Wanna find out more about these amazing bands? Regular updates about them are posted here.

I think we need something like this nationwide, not just in Minnesota, but it's so cool to see us honor our own and recognize fantastic hard work. Where else but Minnesota would we treat each other so nicely?

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