Quite literally, these guys from the Twin Cities are brand spanking new - and you need to know them.

Ladies and gentlemen, for this week's edition of Minnesota Brutal (where we feature Minnesota bands exclusively), meet Intrinsic. They are a brand spanking new band that literally just formed late last year, and you need to know about them!

They describe their sound as progressive metal. I love their deliciously ambient and somewhat European sound. If you're into any type of progressive stuff, you will definitely want to check out this band.

Take a listen below!

Intrinsic is James - Guitars, Zack - Drums, Dallas - Vocals, Chris - Guitar, Taylor - Keyboards. About two weeks ago, they just released their first CD called Rebirth. You can check it out above, and the crap ton of merch they already have.

Seriously, give these guys a chance because I bet we'll hear more from them.

That's all for this week! Hit me up if you've got another Minnesota band we need to know about next time!

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