In Ireland on Saturday, an Irish newspaper, the Irish Times said that 80,000 tickets were sold (out) in one day to flood the grounds surrounding the Slane Castle. What? This crowd looks a helluva lot bigger than 80k! Check it out for yourself! -VIDEO-

Holy almost Woodstock fret-man! Doesn't that crowd shot look freaking BIGGER than 80,000 to you?  How'd you like to have to make your way thru that mass of humanity to take a piss or grab a round of your favorite ale? (no porta-poty's in sight) In addition, here's a video clip below with Richard Fortus & Slash tearing it up during Rocket Queen.

Richard Fortus' words say it all....."what an incredible way to start a tour. Thank you, Ireland"!
(I found this on the Richard Fortus Facebook page)


Here's another from Slane Castle.......


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