How often does where you purchase concert tickets from cross your mind?

On Monday, I had the stark realization I hadn't given a bit of thought to where I purchased my concert tickets from. I guess I never really thought it made a difference. With scalpers more prominent than I ever, I've found myself crossing my fingers while searching Ticketmaster for Foo Fighters tickets in hopes I'd score even one. They are a growing problem. StubHub isn't helpful either.

I don't have the answer to solving ticket purchase issues for national tours, BUT I certainly found the best way to get tickets to local shows. BUY FROM THE BAND.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

In my opinion, there are three very solid reasons that you should purchase your tickets from the bands (or artist) if you're interested in going to a local show.

Those reasons are...

  • Discounted prices. Yep! Most of the time purchasing a ticket in advance (from the band themselves) means you're not paying door prices the night of.
  • Human interaction. How often do you really get to have a conversation in person with anyone anymore? It's getting rare. Meet the band and get to know them! It can't hurt!
  • NO SCALPERS. None. It's a guarantee that when you arrange for ticket purchase with one of the bands playing, you're actually getting a physical ticket in your hands which is indisputable.

Yesterday afternoon I met up with some of the members of AfterTime who personally delivered my tickets to their upcoming show. It gave me a chance to catch up with Brad and A.J., and I was confident that I would walk away with true tickets to a show I'm interested in.

Try ordering from the band next time? It should help skirt the scalper problem, locally. You could always win some free tickets from the radio too! ;-)

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