Fans of symphonic metal have been waiting for this a long time - especially when it involves one of their own!

If you don't know Rochester's own AfterTime, you're missing out on some of the best metal in southeast Minnesota. They take their craft seriously. They bring a slice of Europe to us in Rochester - and as a fan of Opeth, Kamelot, Blind Guardian (and basically most European metal bands), I consider this a treat.

They've completed an amazing music video that was released today. It's for the song "Masquerade (Through the Façade)". Get ready to enter a gothic whirlwind. The can of musical whoop-ass opens at thirty seconds in. Check it out!

Sarah's vocals really stand out as strong in this song. If you follow AfterTime, you know that "Masquerade (Through the Façade)" has been a fan favorite for almost a year now - so choosing this song to turn into a video was easy for the band.

I love the location for the video, and more importantly, I love that Sarah resorts to her "own style" instead of their "done up self" multiple times throughout the video. It's like she's literally giving the middle finger to the facade.

AfterTime via Facebook
AfterTime via Facebook

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