It's about time. We've been waiting for this.

When I met Rochester natives Josh Kulack and Clay Ebertowski almost a year ago, I knew they were serious about growing The 9th Planet Out. At that point, they'd already played a series of shows throughout the area, and in Wisconsin. They mentioned the dream of releasing a full-length album even then.

That brings us to where we are today. The released that debut album they were incredibly excited to create on New Years Day. It seemed fitting, and a great way to kick-off 2018! Check this out for a sneak peek of their self-titled debut!

Yep! It rocks. Grey's voice really stands out throughout the entire album as both strong and determined. Props to the guitar-work on this one too! Josh and Dylan sound like a team and don't let up on the heaviness.

The 9th Planet Out's self-titled debut is out everywhere now! You can even hear it live this weekend in Rochester! Yours truly is hosting their album release party on Saturday at 6:30pm at Pure Rock Studios. Tickets for the show are still available!

See you there!

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