The Olmsted County FREE Fair is coming up on July 22nd through the 28th. There's going to be a ton of cool stuff to do at the fair this year, but we want to send you to one of the biggest and most badass attractions:

The IMP Motorsports Autocross!

Get ready for rip roarin', crashin' and smashin', high-octane thrills as you watch drivers compete for that sweet cash payout. You'll see races in different categories for compact, mid size, and full size cars, plus trucks and SUVs getting loud, fast, and nasty around the track. Basically, this is going to be awesome.

Soooo....who wants to go on us?! Because starting Monday, July 15th, we're going to be hooking up our Z-Rockers with tickets to the event

To win, just download our FREE Z-Rock 107.7 app and enable notifications. We'll be sending out exclusive codes every day right up to the event for your shot to win! 

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