In a Tweet sent out this morning MnDOT's South Central District 7 warns drivers about what to do if they come across a buckled roadway. MnDOT advises we don't drive over the buckled piece of roadway. We could see pavement buckling with the temperatures that we are expecting this weekend and into next week. 

The tweet featured a graphic that told you how it happens and what you should do if you encounter an area of buckled pavement.

Drivers should go around the buckled area of the roadway if they are able to do so safely. If you aren't able to go around safely, slowly go over the buckled area if needed and call 911 to alert law enforcement about the road impediment.

You can see from 3 years ago the buckle on Highway 36 in the Metro area sending cars flying up in the air!

According to MnDOT's website, buckles more commonly occur on older concrete pavements. while with blacktop pavement, it's more flexible and does not usually blow up but may create a bump similar to a frost heave, especially in areas where concrete and blacktop meet.

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