Last week you told us about your concert bucket list, so this week we'd like to hear about YOUR favorite Concert (or concert event) for 2016. Rock Fest? Metallica? Northern Invasion? Megadeth? DEFTONES? Others? -POST YOURS at the Z-Rock Facebook Page!

Chances are you went to a concert , or a multi-day festival this past year that you are still talking about it was so good. We certainly have plenty to choose from these days, don't we? In so much that one must certainly plan ahead, for a number of reasons! So many many festivals....many with VIP options. What do you do?

Sometimes one must economize to get some ROCK into your world, which is why festivals continue to be so popular, and still seem to be a 'best-value' for your concert dollar.

Again, lets hear about your favorite show from 2016 on the Z-Rock Facebook Page!

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Master Of Puppets (partial) US Bank Stadium 08-20-16


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