When you're from the same state, listen to the same music, and are born in the same decade, you're bound to be friends - right?

I heard a lot of chatter about Whitney Peyton before I even got to Northern Invasion this weekend. Everyone was unsure about a "rapper" being added to Sunday's lineup. I'll be honest, even I was confused. Most of us didn't know how to categorize her. I heard questions like, "She's a rapper? Why is she here?"

We wouldn't have been so confused if we knew who she was before we saw her. So, I thought I'd take some time to introduce you to who Whitney Peyton actually is.

This is what her shows look like.

Whitney Peyton

If you couldn't tell by the pictures, she's pretty fun to hang out with after the rockin' is over too. Ask her about 90's cartoons, her influences, and that bad roommate she wrote a song about.

In short, she made a fan in me yesterday because of her energy. She's not an artist that demands you clap at every song when you're watching them live. She gives you things to mess with (like pinatas and inflatable pink swans).

Who wouldn't want that!?

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