Have You Ever Wanted to Become a 'Roadie'?
A couple weeks ago a friend of mine made a comment to me that he thought I would make the perfect 'Roadie'. Quite frankly, at first I wondered how he had arrived at that assumption, or what qualifying traits he used to put me on the road humping gear. How About You? Would YOU do it?
Train Wreck's Concert List for 2016 - Recap
Well, 2016 was a pretty good year with regards to concerts. My mission for the year was quality, verses quantity! I think I achieved that with four 'titans' in the world of Rock & Roll. See if you agree! - HIT THE PHOTO GALLERY-    - POST YOUR LIST ON FACEBOOK -
AxL Whistle Conquest - Secrets Of A Concert Fanatic
Months ago, when I realized I would be seeing Guns N Roses from the 5th row at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, during their 'Not In This Lifetime' tour, I developed a strange notion and hair-brained scheme to nab a very special souvenir from the show.

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