Now THIS was awesome to see. The fans at Rock Fest 2017 came to see Vimic, but it was clear they had a lot of love specifically for Joey Jordison too.

While watching Vimic's time at Rock Fest this past weekend, it was easy to see that they brought the heavy beats and breakdowns and the fans ate it up.

Lead singer Kalen Chase was quick with the albino jokes (lightening the mood for sure), suggesting that the sun was indeed trying to "murder my ass" - and he wasn't wrong. The weather definitely contributed to the hotter than hell feeling at this particular show.

Hotter than the weather, was this sexy moment of mad love for Joey.

Sweet! Their bro Vinnie Paul was watching in the wings too!

We may have been hot and sweaty, but there was no shortage of heavy riffs or good times. Thank you, Vimic for this great performance! See you at Mayo Civic Center on July 29th!

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

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