Last weekend I asked you, the Z-Rock faithful to show & tell us about some of your favorite Colorado destinations with photo's on the Z-Rock Facebook Page. (thank you for those!)

My 'evil twin' is gone, I am back from my epic excursion, so now it's time for me to make-good and share some photo's, and a story or four with you.

Because there is just so much to share I'll do so with a series of postings & photos over the course of the next few weekends. This Red Rocks Amphitheatre excursion did encompass not one, but four performing acts. In addition to Stone Temple Pilots, I was turned-on to a fantastic opening act from Great Britain by the name of 'Bones'. (they came in hot!) Also part of this Rev3Tour was Bush, and the legendary Cult. Today however, I'll concentrate on STP, their hour-long set & set list, along with some photos I shot from the 6th row. Also, part of the day was the 1st annual Red Rocks (craft) Beer Fest.

photo: Train Wreck ~ Z-Rock Weekends
photo: Train Wreck ~ Z-Rock Weekends

It goes without saying that the Meet & Greet opportunity with the brothers DeLeo, Eric Kretz, and Jeffrey Adam Gutt was the high point for me. I was able to ask Dean, Eric, and Bob about a couple of previous shows at the Myth in Maplewood, MN, one with Scott Weiland, and the other with Chester Bennington. New front man Jeff Gutt was thrilled to now be fronting, and writing with this band, and called this performance on this night the "high point" to his performing career. In my opinion, this venue brings out the very best in all performers who come here. I complimented Bob & Dean on their extensive, and professional vetting in filling the front man slot of this band, a process that took over 2 years!

The STP set was only a little over an hour long, but I think they did well hitting all the landmark songs. (see set list below) MY QUESTION OF THE DAY...... What other song/s would you rather see on a shorter than-usual list like this one? Tell me on the Z-Rock Facebook Page!

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SETLIST - Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO

Wicked Garden
Big Bang Baby
Big Empty
Interstate Love Song
Roll Me Under
Dead & Bloated
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart

Sex Type Thing

photo: Train Wreck ~ Z-Rock Weekends
photo: Train Wreck ~ Z-Rock Weekends

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