Yesterday I asked you for your suggestions for what to try during my first visit to Thursday's Downtown. It's pretty crazy I've never been! And you all gave some awesome suggestions but there was only one food that I tried and it was SO good! We'll get to that later.

Here are the foods that, according to you, need to be tried at Thursday's Downtown:

And then there were a bunch of you that suggested this:

So that's what I did! As soon as I got to Thursday's I made a beeline for the Pescara stand and got the shrimp taco. OH MY GOSH you were so right, it was delicious!

Carly Ross, Townsquare Media

Can confirm this is something you need to try if you haven't already. My only thing is that you definitely can't eat this without putting the little boat it comes in on a table or something, it's literally impossible. But I would definitely get it again!

What do you always have to get at Thursday's Downtown, what would you recommend?


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