Get ready to crack open a nice cold can of coffee on your way to work in the morning. As of Thursday, July 11th, Minnesota's own Caribou Coffee just debuted their own line of cold brew coffee in ready-to-drink 11.5 oz cans. Flavors include Original Crafted, Black Coffee, and Vanilla Crafted.

I'm normally not into cold brew coffee, but I'd be at least a little curious to give these a try. That being said, these are slightly on the higher end for me at $3.49 a can...but we all know that there's no price too high when you're desperately jonesing for some caffeine in the wee hours of the morning. Although if Caribou eventually decides to come out with their own line of $3.49 Irish coffee in a can...then we're talking.

Are you interested in giving one of these flavors a try?

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