Rochester has routinely been ranked near the top of several national lists and surveys when it comes to our standard of living, but now we're at the top of the list of college towns in Minnesota too.

That's the word from a new survey from that just ranked the Best College Towns In Each State. And sure enough, our own Rah-Rah-Rochester is right there at the top of the list for the Land of 10,000 Lakes-- and, in fact, ranked higher than Madison, the noted party-friendly college town where the University of Wisconsin is headquartered.

Now, I'm all about taking pride in Minnesota's Med City, but I was a bit skeptical of Rochester being named Minnesota's Top College Town, especially given the other great college towns here in the North Star State-- like Mankato, St. Cloud, Winona or even Duluth.

So just how did the gang over at determine that Rochester should take the honor of being the Top College Town in Minnesota? Well, it becomes a little more clear when you examine the criteria they used to compile their rankings.

"We broke down the best college towns according to the cost of living, job opportunities, and ease of transportation, and these are the college towns that offer the best experiences for students around the country," the site noted.

So what about Minneapolis, home of the University of Minnesota? Well, the survey only looked at cities with a population under 250,000, the survey said, so that rules out the Twin Cities-- clearing the way for our own Rochester to take the top spot. And we ranked 14th on the list out of all 50 states, three higher than Madison, which came in at #17. Iowa City took the top spot on the list.

So, yeah, congrats, Rochester. In addition to being home of Mayo Clinic-- the number-one hospital in the country again this year-- we're also the number-one college town in Minnesota too!

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