There are many jobs out there that involve putting up with annoying people, but restaurant servers really get my sympathy. I've heard the horror stories from my friends. I've even seen servers get mistreated from customers from just a few tables away. So if you're like me, and prefer to be one of the good patrons, you should probably know something: That joke you just told your server? The one that got a quick smirk before they quickly backed away from the table? They've definitely heard that one before. Again. And again. And again.

Thrillist put together a list of bad, cliched restaurant jokes that every server has heard a million times already, and it's a good warning for people to maybe freshen up their material. Because much like a good steak, jokes should never be overdone.


1. Yeah, That's Not On The Menu

Server: "Can I get you anything else?"

Joke: "Yeah, a million dollars!"

HA! After about 5 hours of exhaustive research, I can confirm that no one has ever received a million dollars after making that joke. Or any laughs!


2. Never Insult The People In The Kitchen

Server: How is everything tasting?

Joke: "Is the cook NEW back there?!"

I know that we all love our trademark Midwestern passive-aggression, but you're better off just telling your server that your meal tasted like burnt cat hair and expired mayonnaise while not indirectly insulting the people who made your meal.


3. What Took You So Long, Anyway?

Server: "Here's your meal. Sorry about the wait."

Joke: "Did you have to kill the cow?"

If I was a server, every time a customer made that joke to me, I would look at them dead in the eye, solemnly respond "Yes," and maintain eye contact until they uncomfortably started eating their food. This is why it's good that I'm not a server.


4. The Gross Pick-Up Line

Server: Would you like to check out the dessert menu?

Joke: "Are YOU on the dessert menu?"

Stop making this joke all the time, Mom!


5. I Guarantee You Every Server Hates This Question

Server: Do you have any questions about the menu?

Joke: "There's no price on this. DOES THAT MEAN IT'S FREE?"

Don't be That Guy.


See more jokes you shouldn't make to your server here.

Source: Thrillist


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