Sully Erna is back with a powerful new video for the song "Different Kind of Tears" off his Hometown Life solo album. The Godsmack vocalist has shot a clip for the song that turns a spotlight on America's growing opioid crisis.

The video was shot in partnership with the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and Recovery Centers of America. Directors Jokes Flick and Mills Miller center the action on a pair of youths both struggling with addictions that have torn their family apart. Along with the two youths, we see scenes of a group of parents at a special meeting holding photos of the kids they've lost to addiction. The video plays out with tragic circumstances and the two storylines are brought together in the end.

The clip opens with the staggering detail that in 2016 alone, more than 50,000 drug overdose-related deaths were announced in the U.S. The clip ends with Erna's own statement, "Together we can make a change. #drugfreeisuptome."

Erna is continuing to speak on the matter, recently taking part in an interview on NPR's Here & Now. You can hear that interview here.

Meanwhile, Erna's Hometown Life album is currently available to purchase at this location. Look for Erna kicking off a European trek in September. Dates can be found here.

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