Heaven help us if this is true!

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Whenever my wife and I get together with our group of friends, it doesn't take long before someone utters, "So we gonna play some Cards, or what?"

Cards Against Humanity is the ultimate pre-drink, ice-breaker, let's-see-how-dirty-your-minds-really-are party game... and I freaking LOVE it. But this isn't a game you'd play with your grandma, especially if this newly rumored expansion pack is real.

According to Mashable, some screenshots of a "supposed" expansion pack of Cards Against Humanity have been shared and the internet is... in a word, worried.

Described as 'a party game for horrible people', Cards seemingly could potentially ruin our favorite childhood memories forever.

One of the possibilities on the Disney-themed cards reads: "For a time, Ariel thought _ was for _." Another card says: "Thanks to Disney, I have unrealistic expectations about _."

I'm guessing if this expansion is real, and soon released, my family will be one of the first to get it.

Because, reasons.

Cards Against Humanity