Even Bambi needs a cold one now and then. Imagine going into a liquor store, figuring out if it’s going to be a beer or tequila night, when suddenly you look across the aisle and see a freakin’ deer wandering around. That’s slightly random, no?

That happened this week at a Festival Foods Wine & Spirits department in Darboy, Wisconsin. Although on second thought, a deer wandering into a Wisconsin liquor store seems like something that should happen way more often. It just feels right. Look at this cute little guy:

First off, dude is clearly not 21, so he’s lucky he was able to leave with just a warning. I'm also very curious about how he was able to get into the store in the first place. Is there a revolving door? Do deer have thumbs? Very mysterious. But seriously, hopefully Deer McLovin was able to find his mom. That’s quite the detour.

Source: KARE 11

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