"I like unreleased singles." Don't worry, we do too. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the first episode of ZROCKChester. When I first got my start in radio, I'd always hoped to put together a project like this - and I'm stoked to be doing it in Rochester! My hope is that you'll love this underground look at a growing music scene in our own backyard.

In this episode, I caught up with The 9th Planet Out in a borrowed practice space called "The Shift Shack" - we'll explain the name later. My awareness of these high-energy metalheads came in March, when they performed at the last rock show the Wicked Moose held. Since then, I've seen them countless times around Rochester. In my opinion, they're an important band in this community for a few reasons: they're getting statewide exposure, they support creating their own venues (when there seems to be a decrease in them), and they're great representatives for metal specifically. They're helping themselves, and others. They're about to release a new album too.  Stay tuned for more from these guys, because this certainly won't be the last that we hear of them! The 9th Planet Out is: Greyson Serie (Lead vocals), Josh Kulack (Guitar), Dylan Bennett (Guitar), Jake Mattern (Bass) and Clay Ebertowski (Drums). On the first Friday of every month, we'll be playing a song from a band in Rochester at 1:30pm on my show. Today, we're playing "Warrior" on the air.

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