I certainly didn't see this coming, and I don't think a lot of us did either - unless you knew her personally.

Yesterday, I was sad to see on Cold Kingdom's Facebook page that Dani Engum, their lead singer, was parting ways with the band this summer. She explained all in a sweet letter too.

I was already a fan of Dani and Cold Kingdom before, but I gained tons of respect for all of them once they released this letter. Neither she nor they had to tell us (the fans) anything.

Instead, she was kind enough to give us one final peek into her world and what was going on in it. The rest of the band was awesome enough to give her the platform. Anyone can (and should) respect that! Personally, I'll miss Dani as an empowering figure for women in metal - especially locally.

This doesn't necessarily mean the end for Cold Kingdom though. Right now, they're focused on their final show with Dani in July.

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