There's a reason it's called Foster Fest 2017, and that's because it's conveniently going to be held at Foster Arend Park a month from today.

In case you missed it, Foster Fest 2017 is set to be a huge boost in morale for Rochester musicians who feel slighted by the seeming lack of venues in and around the city. This is a positive event for Rochester that is also going to benefit Mission 21. The show itself is free, but donations to the organization are encouraged.

Foster Fest 2017 Facebook Page
Foster Fest 2017 Facebook Page

One of the organizers is 9th Planet Out star Clay Ebertowski. I checked in with him and got the story on how this event came together.

He explained, "A few months back Oliver Books, my brother Cole, and I thought it would be sweet to host a festival at the beach. We started meeting at Potbelly's or Cafe Steam on the weekends planning and eventually Oliver through out the idea of teaming up with Mission 21 and it all just started coming together."

Clay talked about how important it is to have something like this in Rochester too. He mentioned what he hopes Foster Fest 2017 will do for the city, explaining, "We wanted an event in town that could really showcase what Rochester's music scene has to offer! Ultimately, we hope the event grows into an annual event and has the opportunity to expand. Within the next few years, we'd love to have the funds to book a nationally touring band to headline."

He's right. Rochester has so much to offer.

Take a look at the lineup here. Foster Fest is happening September 2nd, from 11 AM - 9 PM at Foster Arend Park. See you there!

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