We were on our way back home from running some errands, and along the way, my wife and I stopped at our local liquor store to stock up on some 'essentials' for the Super Bowl. After rounding up the usual suspects, a package caught my eye in the beer cooler. It was for Pabst Blue Ribbon's Hard Coffee, it is their new malt beverage. I grabbed a 4-pack and said why not. Long story short, it is delicious. 

PBR's Hard Coffee was released this summer, initially in only 5 states Pennsylvania, Maine, New Jersey, Florida, and Georgia, and I remember seeing it and thinking bleh that can't be great. Well, I finally gave it a shot and it seriously tastes like those Starbucks coffee drinks you can get in a can at a convenience store.

It's kind of sneaky too with 5% ABV if you aren't careful with the coffee and sugary concoction you could be heading for trouble. As one could lead to four if you've got a sweet tooth.

The flavor of the beverage is of course coffee with vanilla. It's a smooth drinking beverage that leans on the sweeter side. It's non-carbonated so don't let the malt beverage labeling make you think it's like a Mike's Hard Lemonade. The Hard Coffee from PBR even contains some milk.

The 4-pack I bought ran me $10.99. Would I buy this again, probably. Would I buy it all the time, no. It's a nice product to have on hand for people who aren't big fans of beer.

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