For the week of October 23rd, 2017, things got real!

Every weekday afternoon at noon, we play the newest tracks in hard rock and heavy metal for you during the "newner" with Val. This week was no exception. We even replayed a soon to be favorite from A Perfect Circle.

  • 1

    Deadset Society - "Automatic"

  • 2

    A Perfect Circle - "The Doomed"

    Yeah, we're still freaking excited about this - and the new album due out next year.

    Here's "The Doomed" performed live.

  • 3

    I Prevail - "Lifelines"

    These Michigan-ers have had a pretty heavy year already! They dropped "Lifelines" on us this week.

  • 4

    Awaken I Am - "Black Dreams"

    Who isn't up for a little self-loathing? Awaken I Am brought a taste of what's going on in rock in Australia to Minnesota this week.

  • 5

    Bush - "This Is War"

    ...because Bush.

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