This past Thursday evening I had the distinct pleasure to watch a Rock Music 'god' deliver a 105 minute set, and collection of songs that put 1977 well in the dust sonically, but not spiritually. His music still moves people! Being close in the 4th row of the beautiful Orpheum Theatre on Hennepin Avenue brought a whole new perspective with it as well.



It will be hard for me to top this one. Out of four times I've seen Robert Plant LIVE in the post-Led Zeppelin era, I've never seen him as engaged with the band, the audience, or surrounded by the level of overall musicianship he has assembled with him on-stage for this tour. That includes the tour with Jimmy Page in 1994, the Dreamland Tour (2002), which also made a stop at Rock Fest in Cadott, WI. that summer, and the tour with Band Of Joy (Angel Dance) in 2011. He never made it this far north when he toured with Alison Krauss on the Raising Sand Tour, but I had my eye on it! That was the year (2008) when he and Krauss swept a bunch of categories at the Grammy's, and other music industry awards and accolades.

photo: © 'Train Wreck' - Z~Rock Weekends
photo: © 'Train Wreck' - Z~Rock Weekends

Robert Plant still commands your full attention at his LIVE performances, albeit, these days he prefers to keep his shirt buttoned during the show, while still retaining his signature 'rock-god' stance, mic-stand waltz's, and enthusiast hand-clapping and groans as the music soars. Many in attendance were commenting that they were extending Robert a 'pass' on his man-bun. (I concur!)

photo: © 'Train Wreck' - Z~Rock Weekends
photo: © 'Train Wreck' - Z~Rock Weekends

As Led Zeppelin's 50th Anniversary Celebration approaches in 2019, rumors will swirl and speculation abound before then. I'm just happy I found the desire to make it to this Thursday night performance, and consider it a preview of what might happen next year, or just walk away again very satisfied!


New World...
Turn It Up
The May Queen
Going to California (Led Zeppelin song)
All the Kings Horses
Please Read the Letter
(Jimmy Page & Robert Plant cover - Alison Krauss/T-Bone Burnett colab.)
Friends (Led Zeppelin song)
Carry Fire
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You (Joan Baez cover)
Little Maggie ([traditional] cover)
Fixin' to Die (Bukka White cover)
Gallows Pole ([traditional] cover)


In the Mood
Bring It On Home / Whole Lotta Love / Santianna [trad] / Whole Lotta Love
(Led Zeppelin song)

photo: © 'Train Wreck' - Z~Rock Weekends
photo: © 'Train Wreck' - Z~Rock Weekends

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