If you drive outside of town, you will see a lot of farmers hard at working trying to harvest their crops before winter hits us harder than it already has. We have already had a cold, wet fall, which is the reason that farmers are faced with a propane shortage.

Propane is an important tool on the farm. Many farmers use it to dry their crops out before they store them and use it in heaters to keep their animals warm according to WCCO. That means on wet cold weeks, a farmer can go through thousands of gallons of propane to just keep their operation going, WCCO claims.

WCCO says that the past few weeks Minnesota has had to bring in propane from other states so that farmers can finish their harvest as best they can. The article says that at this point last year, the land of ten thousand lakes had 86% of the corn harvest. This year, we are only at 63%. We still have quite a ways to go.

Not to get all science on you right now, but propane is a natural gas that essentially comes from the Earth. According to How Products Are Made, there is a complex process of

 "separation from the natural gas phase and by refinement of crude oil."

I'm not exactly sure what that means, but it is a complex process of creating the gas farmers need to finish harvest. We are also limited to the amount that we can extract from the Earth. Meaning it could take time to replenish our supply.

Hopefully the next few weeks we are able to get some more propane in Minnesota, so farmers can finish up their harvest.

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