We've all run into this problem before, but few of us solve it in such a classy way.

How many times have you taken a look at your closet and thought, "Ugh - I've got too much in here. I should get rid of it. Where can I do that?" Usually, my response to that question is Goodwill. A metal band called Intrinsic out of Minneapolis had a better idea.

Intrinsic recently went through a name change and were left with tons of "old merch" that didn't apply to them anymore.

Their solution to that problem was to donate the t-shirts, hoodies, etc. to Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis, an organization that (according to Facebook) "is a compassionate response to the needs of the poor. This includes but is not limited to providing meals, clothing, showers, shelter, transportation help, rent deposits, rent help, medical assistance, dental care, furniture, school expenses, funeral assistance, and other miscellaneous needs."

Shout out to Intrinsic for doing this! They not only gained the respect of their peers in the scene, but they made a new fan out of me.

The clothing industry is HUGE. According to the U.S. Apparel Market, as of 2016 store-based retail is a 292 billion dollar industry. To me, this says places like Goodwill are probably doing pretty well, financially. However, charities and local organizations are the ones who could really use the donations.

Take a look at some charities in Rochester you might consider donating to here.

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