In their own words, "just say no to gingivitis."

My buddies Sleep Signals are one of the hardest (and longest) touring metal bands in the Midwest I know.

We might think the touring life is a glamorous one, but at a recent stop in Kansas, a live video on Facebook proved otherwise. Sometimes you have to go to extremes just to brush your teeth!

Hey! No one said touring was easy! Especially when it comes to these guys, they had a rough run earlier this spring too. That was their lead singer Rob Cosgrove making the best of a thunderstorm. You see kids... brushing your teeth IS metal!

If you don't know Sleep Signals, you should. They are based in Minneapolis. I'm sure they'll be heading to Rochester again at some point in the future. If you get the chance, be sure to check them out live!

Take a look at us meeting for the first time ever! here!

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