I'm sunburnt. Tired as hell. My ears are still ringing - but it was SO WORTH IT.

If you were there too, you already know what I'm talking about. I'm referring to the amazingness that was Northern Invasion! Which, in my second year of attendance, DID NOT disappoint.

I have photos you need to see to prove it. Wanna look?

Northern Invasion 2018

First, let's talk about Winston's face during Parkway Drive's set!!! I wanted to be sure I gave you guys a sneak peek at the "newer" bands coming onto the scene. Let's be honest - we know what Alice In Chains looks like (although those photos are coming!), but these guys are working on cool stuff you'll hear soon. You should get to know them!

Now it's your turn. Did you take awesome photos too? Feel free to share them as a comment, or on our Facebook page!

I've got to give a big shoutout to Whitney Peyton, Counterfeit, Dube, I Prevail, and Ded for spending time with us this weekend! Check out their interviews here.

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