When I tell you that you should listen to them, I mean it!

I mentioned that it was honestly an honor and privilege to meet such a variety of artists who all have their own way of thinking and presenting their creativity to the world.

I got to spend extra time with I Prevail, Ded, Whitney Peyton and COUNTERFEIT this year at Northern Invasion.

Here are the videos, and some cool facts I learned in each one.


  • They like a variety of horror movies: Alien and Texas Chainsaw Massacre especially.
  • They're so grateful for the success Misanthrope has been!
  • They want more feedback from you before working on new music.
  • They'll be pretty busy this summer!


  • New music AND a new music video are coming soon!
  • They're big Rick & Morty fans and are just as excited about the 70 new episodes coming as you are.
  • When all else fails on Netflix, they binge The Office.
  • Jamie is a soccer fan, and we talked our favorite teams.
  • Americans need to eat "eel pie" when they are in London.
  • If Johnny Rotten and Jonathan Davis had a baby, Jamie would be it.
  • COUNTERFEIT is excited about a new pledge campaign online.
  • This is their first time in America.
  • Short girl struggles are real.
  • Don't worry about "bringing the energy" to her show. She'll provide a pinata and pink inflatable swan for you.
  • She's a 90's kid like me, and a fan of 90's cartoons.
  • Her sound is not much different than any nu-metal band. Give her a chance!

I can't thank any of these bands enough for spending time with me even though they had crazy schedules! Tune in to these guys!! More is coming from all of them.

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