I have a lot of things on my bucket list. I want to date a Brazilian model, I'd like to have a monkey who gets beer for me on command, and I want to eat every pizza. But I think I just found a new thing I want to check off, and I might actually be able to do it: hop alongside a real, live kangaroo. Is that weird?

Apparently, the Minnesota Zoo has a new exhibit that allows guests to do just that. The cool thing? It sounds a lot like Jurassic Park. Except with kangaroos. That seems safer. You start in a safari truck, and actually get to explore an area reminiscent of the Australian outback. And if you're lucky, you'll get to hang with the 18 kangaroos and 18 wallabies chilling out in the exhibit. Pretty cool, no? Definitely want to check this out sometime this summer. If you're able to get up to the Twin Cities, it's running now through Labor Day.

Totally doing this.

More info here!

Source: Star Tribune

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