Just in case you were wondering, Nokia phones haven't gone anywhere.

Yesterday, I walked into work and noticed a box that read "old cell phones" sitting on a desk. Our engineer, Ryan, asked if anyone wanted old cell phones last night - I thought he was joking.

NO SIR. He literally meant there was a box of old cell phones available, on a desk, for everyone to check out as they please.

I've got to know, which cell phones did you use? Did you recognize any of the ones that I showed you?

I haven't used anything like those since 2006! I gave up my flip phone in 2010! Plus, I didn't even have a normal brand of cell phone up until 4 years ago. I pretty much used a Tracfone, then T-Mobile, then ATT&T and now, Verizon.

You could said I've had an extensive history with cell phones.

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