Lately I’ve been thinking about riding a bike to work this summer. My only problem? I currently don’t own a bicycle. They’re pretty expensive. But one company is coming to Minnesota seems to have a solid solution to that.

It looks like Golden Valley is going to be the first city in Minnesota to try out a newer trend called “dockless bike sharing” through a company called LimeBike. I’ve seen this in other cities across the country, and it’s a cool idea. These dockless bikes can be left anywhere throughout the city. Through an app, you can find an unlock the bike so you can cruise around at the cost of $1 every 30 minutes. They also offer discounts to students and people with lower incomes, so this seems like a fantastic idea to me. Feel like riding a bike somewhere? Just fire up your app, find a locked bike lying around, and bike to your destination for a buck or two. This seems like a no-brainer for Rochester.

Source: Star Tribune

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