This week, people all over my News Feed (and some of my coworkers) were all talking about how a dude on The Bachelor did something upsetting to one of the show’s contestants, who happens to be from Minnesota. People were LIVID about this thing that the guy did to the women whose name is…Becky? No, sorry, it’s Becca (at this point, I should mention that I have never seen a single episode of The Bachelor). One of those people happened Minnesota Representative Drew Christensen, who joked on Twitter about authoring a bill to ban Bachelor Guy from Minnesota.

This is obviously a great use of our state government’s time and resources, so why stop there? Let’s formally ban these other reality show stars from visiting the North Star State:

Any Kardashian or Jenner

Take your pick, man. Kim? Kylie? Kendall? Am I forgetting one? Even if you avoid them at all costs, you someone still know about them. They're infectious. They were also super annoying back in 2008, and that was TEN YEARS AGO.

Ryan Seacrest

I'm convinced that the moment he steps foot inside Minnesota, he'll take at least 17 of our jobs. And have you been following the news lately? *cough*

Paris Hilton

Just think: If Paris Hilton never became famous, we would likely never have to deal with any Kardashians. Unforgivable!

The Duggars from 17 18 19 ??? Kids And Counting

This family collectively makes up half the population of Red Wing. Minnesota doesn't have room for you!

The Entire Cast of The Jersey Shore

Based on everything I've heard, having them in Minnesota could start a public health crisis.

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